McGehee Police Department
2412 Hwy 65 N.
McGehee AR 71654



Meet Our Staff!


Jim White - Chief

Scott Williams
- Assistant Chief
/ Jail Administrator

Clint Bradberry - CID

Tim Braden - Patrolman

Terry Donaldson - Patrolman

Joel Harper - Patrolman

Charles Harris- Patrolman

Shiloh Jordan - Patrolman

Darren McAdoo - Patrolman

Eddie Allen Jr.- Patrolman


Michael Kellebrew - SRO

Dezarea Henry - Part Time Patrolman

Marcia Massey- Code Enforcement

Steven Plunkett - Animal Control

Adell Taylor - Dispatch Supervisor / Admin Asst to Chief

Glenda Terry - 911 Dispatcher/CID Secretary

Brittney Caffrey - Dispatcher

Carrie Gray- Dispatcher

Cheryl Darrough - Dispatcher

Shaneikqua Stewart - Dispatcher

James Hampton - Dispatcher

Police Committee

Charles "Bucky" Killion

Ricky Lattimore

Al Murphy

Cynthia Smith



McGehee Police Department - Neighborhood Watch

If you are interested in Neighborhood Watch for your neighborhood, please contact McGehee Police Dept.

What is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch is a program designed to bring your community and the police department
together in order to fight and prevent crime in your area. It is a voluntary organization that acts as a communication
link between neighbors, neighborhoods, your community, and the police department.

How does Neighborhood Watch Work?

It provides a forum for neighborhood organization and communication that is not influenced by race,
socioeconomic differences, religion, or other biases. It provides a means for you and your neighbors
to come together to make your community a safe place to live and work, to get to know each other
better, and to organize neighborhood activities. It provides a means for you and your neighbors to
take a stand and commit that you will look our for each other.

The neighborhood/ police department partnership.

It is impossible to have a police officer on every corner, therefore it is important that the police
department and your neighborhood work together to report and solve crimes. As a Neighborhood
Watch member, you serve as the extended eyes and ears of the police department, reporting
suspicious activities when you see them. On the other hand, the police department provides the
members of your Neighborhood Watch with crime prevention information, training, and resources
for solving neighborhood problems.